4 x Tooth Fairy Tooth Whitening Refill Tubes (6% HP)

4 x Tooth Fairy Tooth Whitening Refill Tubes (6% HP)

Tooth Whitening Refill Tube contains:

(4 x each)

  • 1 - 10ml Whitening Gel
  • 1 - Colour Chart
  • 1 - Instruction

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Please note: In Switzerland, for each cycle of use, the first use to be only done by dental practitioners or a dental hygienist.

  • Safe, convenient and effective whitening gel system for at home use
  • Whitening in tooth colouring can increase by ten shades
  • Does not damage the enamel of the tooth
  • Enough products to finish the whitening process over a ten day period


Our Tooth Whitening Gels

This product contains 6% hydrogen peroxide and will only be supplied to the following countries and markets:
- USA (public and professional)
- Canada (public and professional)
- European / EU (dentists with proof of a certificate) and
- Swiss (dentists and Dental Hygienists) with proof of a certificate).

Our gels are made in the USA and are the best quality. All safety tests have been done to sell these products throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.


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